VA Home Loans

Since 1944, when home loan guarantees were part of the original GI Bill, the VA (Veterans Administration) has guaranteed more than 18 million VA home loans worth over $911 billion dollars.

At we take great pride in serving those who have served our country and truly believe they deserve nothing better than the best we have to offer.

In 2008 180,000 veterans, active duty service members, and survivors of veterans received VA home loans valued at about 36 billion. More than 90% of those VA loans were no down-payment loans.

If you’re a veteran and you’re looking into buying a home or refinancing, this loan is perfect for you. By being a veteran and serving for our country (by the way Thank You!) you get certain advantages, if you will, that normal home buyers do not get. Such as those dreaded down payments do not apply to you because, you do not have to put a down payment towards the sale of your soon to be home. Closing costs, which can cost a pretty penny, are limited by the VA making sure you won’t be asked to pay a costly price. Don’t forget you have the VA behind you 100% of the way so that if your having problems making your home loan payments they will try to help you. If you meet the qualifications this can be an amazing opportunity for you.

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